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Shotgun Yellow Tinted Rimless Shooting, Hunting, & Night Driving Sports Bifocal Glasses

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Power: +1.50
Color: Black

Shotgun Frameless Bifocal Shooting Glasses

Great for shooting, Hunting, and other sports as the yellow lenses help with contrast against the sky. 

Yellow Tinted glasses have been used for and marketed as many different things. The latest craze being marketing them as night driving glasses. While The jury is still out on weather they work or not some small studies have been done ( Link below). 

Glasses with yellow tinted lenses Work best to improve contrast. They can work exceptionally well for certain sports. 

These have been marketed as shooting glasses, hunting glasses, great for golf, and as night driving glasses. regardless of price, style, and brand name, they are all the same thing. It's yellow tinted lenses with no magic added.  Do they work for shooting, hunting, sports, golf? Yes to all those things. But using yellow tinted glasses for driving at night may be different. 

Do Night Driving Glasses Really Work?

Now for the part other sellers don't tell you:

Remember these are not magic. They do not give you night vision. If you feel there is too much glare when you drive at night its best to start with an eye exam first, you will be surprised at how much of a difference a small correction can make. We at Troy's Readers Feel it is best to use these glasses for Shooting, Hunting, overcast days, ect. and not for driving at night.

The Following Link is to an article about whether night driving glasses really work.


  • Bifocal Lenses
  • Nose Pads
  • Quality Feel
  • 100% UVA & UVB

Comes in 2 Colors

  • Black Frame, Yellow Lenses
  • Tortoise Frame, Yellow Lenses


Frame Width:  136mm
Frame Height: 46mm
Temple Length:  131mm
Bridge Width:  20mm 
Weight: 1.0oz / 28 grams

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