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Free Shipping & Returns $35+

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    Troy's Readers established in 2013 provides high quality and name brand eyewear at affordable prices. Our mission is to make reading glasses easily accessible to everyone that needs them. We are proud to work with great reading glasses brands such as Eyebobs, Clic eyewear, Thinoptics, Peeper Keepers, Pocket blade, Cinzia, and our own Troy's Readers brand of eyewear.  looking for Gifts for the grandkids? No problem! We got you covered. We are a one stop shop for everything reader related like reading sunglasses in both bifocal and single power. We carry a big selection of the very hard to find high powered readers (up to +6.00 strength).  He have a large selection of folding reading glasses and folding reading sunglasses.

      Did I hear Accessories? Yes! We have eyewear cords, chains, cables, clip ons, flip ups. Lost a few screws along that way? Don't worry we all have. That's why we sell replacements.  We believe in a green future and the right to repair, that is why we sell replacement parts for all of our Troys Readers branded eyewear, just send us a email at and we'll make the part available for you. 

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