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Color: Teal
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A strong, secure and versatile mouthpiece stand with Plenty of room for all of your soprano alto tenor and baritone saxophone mouthpieces and their removable baffles. Holds your expensive equipment snugly with minimum to no wobble when used correctly. Individual stands can be combined back to back and side to side or both with the included attachment squares to form many possibilities for all your needs.


The Sax Hoarder (as pictured in black and red) Length = 6.25" Width = 5" each side Height = 1.75"

-Holds up to 8 extra removable baffles
-Holds up to 14 mouthpieces total in combinations of...
up to 3 soprano
up to 7 alto
up to 11 tenor
up to 7 baritone
up to 7 clarinet

Many kinds of Saxophone mouthpiece stands available
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We are constantly working to improve our design therefore will will always send you the latest and greatest that we make at the time of your order.

This listing is for the Saxmod saxophone mouthpiece holder only and does not include any of the mouthpieces pictured.
Please note that the Saxmod Sax Triangle is a stand alone stand and cannot be combined with itself or the sax collector or sax hoarder.
All Products are 3D printed which give them a very unique and layered look!

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