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1 All New Saxmod Sax Variety Saxophone Mouthpiece Stand

Original price $29.95 - Original price $29.95
Original price
$29.95 - $29.95
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Color: Black
Holds These Mouthpieces: Original (as pictured)

The Sax Variety. Be Different.

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Replaceable and swappable mouthpiece pegs. Pat. Pending. 

Custom Made to fit your specific needs. No longer is your collection of mouthpieces limited by your stand. A stand that changes and grows with you to meet your needs day after day. Screwable pegs can be purchased separately and individually. Made to last, this will be the last mouthpiece stand you will ever need to buy. 

Have a lot of alto mouthpieces, but now you got more soprano mouthpieces? Maybe you picked up clarinet and now you need a place for that new mouthpiece? Simply unscrew the old peg and screw in a new one. 

Do you play Brass? Hold up to 8 tuba, trombone, trumpet, or french horn mouthpieces with this great and versatile stand. 

A strong, secure and versatile mouthpiece stand with plenty of room for all of your soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone mouthpieces and their removable baffles. Holds your expensive equipment snugly.

-Holds up to 4 extra removable baffles
-Holds up to any 8 mouthpieces 

choose the pegs that are right for you. 

All soprano, All Alto, All Bb Clarinet, All Tenor, All Baritone, or Original

 For custom order option please either email us with what mouthpieces you would like this stand to fit. Or leave as a message to seller at checkout. 

If you want the pegs to be a different color from the stand please specify at checkout. 

Need Help? Contact us 1 (909) 521-1507

Original option fits maximum 8 mouthpieces in combinations of...


up to 3 soprano Mouthpieces

up to 5 alto Mouthpieces

up to 5 Tenor Mouthpieces

up to 3 Baritone Mouthpieces

up to 3 Bb clarinet Mouthpieces

up to 5 Eb Clarinet Mouthpieces

up to 5 BBb Clarinet Mouthpieces.


up to 8 tuba mouthpieces

up to 8 trombone mouthpieces

up to 8 trumpet mouthpieces

up to 8 french horn mouthpieces.

Original + Low Brass Edition

Combo pegs That hold both woodwind and low brass mouthpieces holds that same combination of woodwinds and the original stand pictured but the pegs have holes in the center to hold up to 8 brass mouthpieces total Great for a retail display or mouthpiece storage for band programs. Please email us with your specific mouth requirements when selecting this option. 

Need Help? Contact us 1 (909) 521-1507


Front Width = 3 5/8" Side Width = 4 5/8"  Height = 1.75"



*This listing is for the Saxmod saxophone mouthpiece holder only and does not include any of the mouthpieces pictured.
*All Products are 3D printed which give them a very unique and layered look!