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How to assemble fabric foam sunvisors

How Do I assemble fabric foam sun visors?

Step 1: Tread curly cord coil lace band through the furthest back hole of the foam visor on each end up through the bottom and out the top ( printed side). 

Step 2: Pull on each end so there is a minimum of about 1/2" of cord when straightened sticking out from each end.  

Step 3: Tread ends back through the second hole on each side. Point plasticized ends toward back of visor.

How do I adjust foam sun visors? 

  • Adjustable coil lace band can be adjusted by pulling tight through the first holes and hidden away by inserting through the second hole on each side. 
  • If excess band is too long once fully inserted through both holes on both sides you can cut then melt ends together to prevent unraveling.