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How to assemble fabric foam sunvisors

How Do I assemble fabric foam sun visors?

Follow these instructions or check out this this video on how to assemble foam visors by clicking here.

Step 1: Tread curly cord coil lace band through the furthest back hole of the foam visor on each end up through the bottom and out the top ( printed side). 

Step 2: Pull on each end so there is a minimum of about 1/2" of cord when straightened sticking out from each end.  

Step 3: Tread ends back through the second hole on each side. Point plasticized ends toward back of visor.

How do I adjust foam sun visors? 

  • Adjustable coil lace band can be adjusted by pulling tight through the first holes and hidden away by inserting through the second hole on each side. 
  • If excess band is too long once fully inserted through both holes on both sides you can cut then melt ends together to prevent unraveling.

How do I clean the foam on a foam sun visor?

Put some 70% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle or on a paper towel and wipe away dirt, grease, and even caked on makeup. 

This can also be used to clean the fabric part. 

We have heard from our customers that placing the visor in the top rack of the dishwasher on low heat also works well.

You can also use mild dish soap and water to remove dirt and grease from the fabric part.

Are fabric foam sun visors waterproof?

The glue is pretty water resistant. We have customers from all over the world that use them in the pool and in rainy countries. The visors have also been know to survive frequent trips to the top rack of the dishwasher.

However the glue is not waterproof and if let to soak in the water the fabric will separate from the foam. 

If you are planning on using your foam visor in water full time we highly recommend our trimmed foam sun visors which you can check out here.

How can I fix frayed edges on a foam sun visor?

Grab a pair of good fabric scissors and gently using only the very tip of the scissors cut slowly along part of the edge with the frayed ends at a 45 degree angle. This will get rid of any loose threads that may be on the visor.

There is no need to worry because of the glue even if the edges look a little frayed they should not continue to fray.


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